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10 Days to Making Art You Love

​​​​​​​Based on ten of my most popular and helpful blog posts of all time, this free mini course is designed to get you freely and confidently making art you feel happy about!

Here's what's included:

Day 1  | Intro: The elements of making art that's true to you
Day 2 | How to paint an imaginary landscape
Day 3 | Finding your own artistic style: a practical guide
Day 4 | How to make a painting you love
Day 5 | An exercise in lights and darks
Day 6 | How to loosen up your art
Day 7 | 3 easy ways to create interesting compositions
Day 8 | 4 fun ways to use a reference image
Day 9 | 7 art tips for procrastinators
Day 10 | 13 ways to make a painting that works
Bonus Day | Next steps and an invitation

The lessons include videos, downloadable PDFs, and plenty of examples, images and encouragement to inspire your own work. The emphasis is on practical application of simple ideas, so less time angsting or feeling stuck, and more time making art!
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