You don't need a degree or a lifetime of practice to make art you can be happy with

All you really need is a little bit of theory {just enough to make some things easier, not so much that you pass out from boredom}, lots of lovely visuals, demos and examples for inspiration, and some tactics for when things get tricky. {Because they do, but that doesn't have to stop you.}

This free course is based on ten of my most popular, practical, and helpful blog posts ever, all focused on clearing the way for you to make the art you want to make. And even more than that, to feel happy and satisfied with it. Because process and outcome can both be joyful!

From tips and tricks for loosening up your art and dealing with procrastination, to videos showing you painting ideas and super simple ways to build a painting that works whatever your style, there's plenty here to get you making art that's uniquely yours, with ease. 

“Just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed your 'Ten Days to Art'  course ... excellent for someone like me who is trying to escape fiddly  little drawings and fussing over detail. Some great ideas on how to find a new path, loosen up etc. and not take things too seriously (love the idea of just sidling up to your art materials to see what happens!).

For anyone thinking of taking the plunge ... well, you won't find perspective diagrams, make your umpteenth colour wheel, or spend laborious hours filling in colour mixing charts: instead you will get Tara's experienced and enthusiastic guidance (and lots of practical tips) on how to approach your own ideas and art in a real spirit of adventure. Now where's that blank white paper...?”

Amanda Ashworth, artist

About Tara

Hi! I’m Tara. I’m an artist and online course teacher, and I live on the south coast of the UK, where I paint and make things in my studio by the sea.

My work is about supporting artists and creatives in making the unique art they came here to make, which isn’t always as easy as it seems it ought to be.

For me the most important thing about art is that it allows me to be myself, and it helps me develop that relationship. Everything I create stands on a foundation of expressive freedom. I want ease, simplicity, and fun to be fundamental to my creative practices, habits and actions. I want you to feel those things too when you think about, when you make, and when you look at, your art. And I believe you can. I share everything I know about this on my website, through my blog and my courses. 

What's included in this course

Day 1 : Introduction - The elements of mAaking art that's true to you

Day 2 : How to paint an imaginary landscape

Day 3 : Finding your own artistic style: a practical guide

Day 4 : How to make a painting you love

Day 5 : An exercise in lights and darks

Day 6 : How to loosen up your art

Day 7 : 3 easy ways to create interesting compositions

Day 8 : 4 fun ways to use a reference image

Day 9 : 7 art tips for procrastinators

Day 10 : 13 ways to make a painting that works


Bonus Day : Next steps and an invitation

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10 lessons covering basic techniques, dealing with blocks and more

Extra resources - links, book recommendations, PDFs - to support your artist journey

2 video demos

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